4 Star Review: This Love by Nazarea Andrews

This Love - Nazarea Andrews

This Love

(University of Branton #1)

by Nazarea Andrews



She wants a summer job and a ride to a wedding. 
He wants an assistant and a distraction from the mess his life had become.
They didn't know they needed each other.
Avery Emili needs two grand. Two grand and a plane ticket--her sister is counting on her to get to Jamaica for her wedding. But the semester is over, and tutoring college freshman and high school students has dried up until the fall.
Atticus Grimes needs help--the messy split with his wife left the twenty-eight year old professor scrambling to keep things together as the semester winds down. Now he's got a research grant he has to actually do research for and all he wants to do is drown himself in a tall bottle of bourbon.
When Avery sees his ad for an assistant, all she's thinking is a summer job. But as they spend time together, in the office and out, both of them begin to realize something is there. Something that can't happen--he's a professor and she's a student. And both of them have histories, pasts that won’t let go. Can two broken people pulled apart by expectations find a way to be whole?

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Kindle Edition, 346 pages
Published June 25th 2013 by A&A Literary
edition language English
series University of Branton #1

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Book #1
Book #2

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Nazarea Andrews is an avid reader and tends to write the stories she wants to read. She loves chocolate and coffee almost as much as she loves books, but not quite as much as she loves her kids. She lives in south Georgia with her husband, daughters, and overgrown dog
You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter.
Nazarea Andrews is agented, and all inquiries about rights should be directed to Michelle Johsnon of Inklings Literary.




I didn’t really read this blurb again before I started reading this book, so I had no real idea what I was getting into.  I do know that I loved the character names as soon as I started reading.  Is that weird?  I don’t know… anyhow, I really loved Atticus from the start.  It doesn’t seem like I’ve read a lot of books that have the guy’s story laid out from pretty much the beginning.  Usually it is the girl we are introduced to first and hear all about her story from the beginning.  I felt the opposite in this book.  I don’t think I’ve really noticed that before in a book – at least not that I can remember… so take that for what it is.  
These characters I liked, for the most part.  I wanted to shake her a few times, but what can you do – women are a pain in the butt most of the time.  
Don't look at me like that - we are, you all know it.
Now on to the technicalities... Writing in this book is really solid.  I had no trouble following the story.  It was complicated and emotional.  It followed really well together.  The POVs were clearly marked and really easy to distinguish.  Overall, quality is super high and the writing style is really enjoyable.  
**side note** 
I have to say I am in love with Dane!  I know he is a secondary in this book, but he intrigues me to no end.  I want to know more about him and I really want to know more about the relationship between he and Atti’s sister, Scout.  Even though she is a hot mess, I think I will really like her.  I have been looking around and was able to read a little of their story as a teaser in the end of my review copy of This Love.  SO you know I will be hunting down a copy of  Beautiful Broken when it comes out this month... you should too!
I think anyone who likes contemporary romance, especially new adult, will really enjoy this book.  
Check it out, add it to your TBR, and get your copy picked up!
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