ReVamped (Angel Creek, #1) - Ada Adams Link to @PBookDivas Post of Review:

First I have to say, I recieved a copy of this book in exchange for my review. Second, I'd like to say I enjoyed this book - I'm giving it 3.5 stars. It developed a little slower than I would have really liked, but it is a good story. I love that Dawn can kick ass, but she's so sheltered - it kind of drove me crazy, LOL... You know what I mean by that, right?!

Let me just say I love this book cover! It is B-E-A-utiful! I love the font that is used for the title - really really love the inside title page - all black and white and simple but so cool looking :) I know I'm a dork, and a sucker for the black and white with a REALLY REALLY cool font! But that's what sells books for me - cover and font... I like them - I think they set the stage for most books! Am I alone out there people?? I love covers - I bought a book recently simiply because I loved the cover - sorry tangent is now over... back to this review!

I thought this book was pretty PG, well maybe PG-13, but it wasn't too steamy or bloody or anything like that - only in certain areas - the main part of the story is good. The characters interact well and the dialog is believable. I love Sebastian, never trusted Ethan, Dawn is a good MC, naieve, but she's was a nice voice to hear the story through. I loved how the team comes together and how eventually places are found and relationships are formed. I loved the mushy sweet stuff in this book... all the love and angst and pissyness (probably not really a word, but I used it in a sentence so it counts!) - sereious! I am such a sucker for that kind of stuff! I <3 it, over and over and over again!<br/>
Here are some random favorite things from this book:

""Dawn," he whispered. His voice was tender, but his silver eyes blazed with desire. Threading my fingers through his long, dark curls, I closed my eyes, pulling him into me. "One last 'first'," I breathed, as his soft lips dissolved into mine."

Sebastian ... I think he would look like this
Ian as Sebastian use for review

Ethan - I don't like him because he seems off... not saying one way or another, but I didn't ever feel like I could trust him and no one should either! But I might have been wrong - you'll have to read and find out!!!

While writing this review, I have realized I liked this book more than I originally thought - - - there are nice messages through the book - I know... you might accidentally learn something - yikes! You know, like how important teamwork is and how much you need your friends. Most people already know that stuff - but hey - doesn't hurt to have it reenforced through a fun read...

And that is all I have to say, so..........