The Moon Dwellers (The Dwellers, #1) - David Estes Full Review posted at Passionate Book Divas Blog

OMG! Oh - My - Gosh! Holy Shit - Oh my god!

I loved this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to take some time to put my thoughts in coherent form at the moment - I will have a reveiw for this book for you in a day or so... maybe a week - depends on how long it takes me to COME DOWN FROM THIS EPIC HIGH I'M ON AT THE MOMENT!! **that is in caps b/c if I were talking aloud i'd be shouting out of pure excitement!!!**

I am giving 4.5 stars b/c this is a 1st book and David has to get more amazing judging by his previous books :) So I'm saving my extra 1/2 star for the next installments in the story ;)