Obsidian (Lux, #1) - Jennifer L. Armentrout I loved this book! It had twists and turns I never saw coming! it even had the happy ending I was so desperate for... kinda


I love this book for several reasons:
1 - Kat is great! She is strong, driven, honest - she's also a smart ass, which I love!
2 - Daemon... enough said
3 - plot twists and character elements I didn't expect
4 - easy to read writing - flows great and it is so easy to read
there are more, but that'll do for now

Kat is a regular 17 year old girl. Nice, normal, good grades, book worm, etc etc etc. After her father dies her mom decides they need a "fresh start" and moves them to the middle of no-where in West Virgina. This move sets the story into motion with events that I never saw coming. This story has action, adventure, paranormal elements, a great romantic story line, & great characters. Ok, back to the book description! Kat is reluctant to venture outside her box of books and the internet, but when her mom asks her to go next door she does... meeting Daemon (YUM) Shortly after this first encounter she meets Dee, the other main character in this story. The story develops from these encounters and slowly Kat starts putting together that her new friends ... well "They're not like us..."

Please read this book! It is amazing and fantastic!!