Three River Ranch - Roxanne Snopek 4.5 stars - mini-review here - see the full post with full review, music & a GIVEAWAY at

ok this book was such an easy read - I was totally into the story. I read this in one sitting... really enjoyed it! These characters are so well developed and the story flows seamlessly. I loved the turmoil in both characters and the past influencing their present. This is a great romantic book and it plays a great part in the story - but the characters' journeys within their own heads is the main part the was awesome for me. You get to follow both Rory & Carson inside their heads through out the book and I loved it!

I loved that this was on a ranch in Montana... LOVED that it is about wild mustangs and out in the open air. I loved how this entire country side and setting is described...

well... I don't want to say much more - as this is supposed to be a short mini review - and if I say much more I'll spoil it... and that's not good!

so you need to read this book - you'll enjoy it a lot! I promise!!