One Night with a Hero - Laura Kaye


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4 Sexy Starsimage

My Review:

Holy Hot Shit Batman!  This book was goooooooooooooooooooood!  

It is just as hot as the cover suggests - seriously!  

I love that we get to see inside both Brady and Joss's heads... I absolutely LOVE Brady!  He is damaged and kind and sweet and good but doesn't think he deserves love from anyone or a future with anyone.  Joss is also damaged but she still wants what everyone wants...  a future, someone forever, a family.

I love how these two characters meet - and that fact the Joss is reading a freaking SEALs book is so fantastic!  Joss won my heart the minute it was mentioned she was reading a romance book based on SEALs and then again when she describes how books are so important to her.  LOVE HER!

Joss is so strong and yet so vulnerable   She is hard as nails on the outside and soft and sweet on the inside - I love all her tattoos and how she explains each of them in the book.  I totally love her - I want to be her friend!  I love these characters and their interaction so much.  Joss is so snarky and Brady is just a huge pain in the ass... but he seems to understand Joss and he sees through the exterior and past all the defenses and see Joss.  

Of course this book is from Brazen, so it has steamy parts and WOW can Laura Kaye write that stuff!  The scenes in this book are some of the hotest I've read in a while...  They were delicious!  <3

I can't leave you without showing you who I see as Brady & Joss...  so here we go

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I had to use Channing... I couldn't see anyone else the entire book and well I just love him.



Sadly, I don't know who this person is :( but she is perfect for Joss.