The Stillness of You - Julie Bale ARC Review

Review in short:
Gritty | Sexy | Emotional | Raw

4.5 Stars

Full Review:
This story was more than I expected. I really expected a sexy NA story with a hot guy and a cute girl, but what I got was a lot more. Of course Ben is amazing – looks, heart, ambition – he has it all, really he does, but he also has his head on straight. I really liked getting to see from his perspective some of the time. Georgia – well she’s a whole bunch of mixed up emotions and nerves, and where normally her traits but the shit out of me while reading a story, I really liked her. I felt for her and really really wanted her to open up and let Ben in. Alas… she didn’t and therein is our story – and a good story it is! Georgia, or G, as her brother Matt calls her, which I love by the way, had a rough go of it and through her eyes you see her and Ben. I love characters that don’t see themselves clearly and don’t think they deserve the love interest in the story… I don’t know why but I really like that aspect in my stories. This book I actually found myself rereading parts after I finished the book, not because I didn’t understand what happened but because I liked certain parts so much. Like I said in my short – this story is sexy like you normally see in NA books, but this story has a certain raw and gritty feel. G is truly one of the most emotionally challenged characters I’ve read and Ben is just consumed by his feelings, which was awesome! Georgia works through her emotions like a normal person – however I did find myself screaming at her to “for the love of god… just tell him! LET HIM IN!!” – But that’s just me and my I want everyone happy complex … … …

Without giving away everything – I have to say I absolutely LOVE that Georgia decides that she needs to take care of herself and is brave enough to put it all out there and walk away if necessary. I love love love how this part of the series ends. I will most definitely be keeping an eye on the next book for a description, a teaser, anything to see who it is about and what to expect!

I say go check this book out because it is damn good …

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