Her Five Favorite Words (5 Favorite, #1) - Gina Gordon ok... I knew there would be no story here - short and hot and heavy and dirty - I liked it I have to admit

This was short and only took me about 15-20 minutes to actually read it.

It was hot and steamy and then funny - I liked the end...


Becca stands in line every morning for two things - a latte and a look at "Mr. Sexy" ... She fantasizes about what will happen and what she can do to him. On this particular morning she and "Mr. Sexy" are in the elevator when it stops working and they are stuck, together. Becca is claustrofobic and starts to panic. She needs something to take her mind off being stuck in a tiny little space dangling in an elevator shaft... "Mr. Sexy" serves as a distraction from her panic... This story is full of hot and heavy and steamy - short but sweet, and satisfying for both ;)