The Emerald City (Osland Trilogy, #1) - J.A. Beard I got this through the ARR program here on GR - now with that stated let's get to the review!

I liked this book - it was good and entertaining. I want to give this 3 1/2 stars, but since GR only has whole stars, I rounded up!

I love J.A. Beard's take on the classic Wizard of Oz story! The characters are young - think Disney comedy or movie, not cartoon - they were smart and funny. I was intrigued with this twist on the story. I like Gail - she is smart and sharp tongued. She cares for her friends as family - immediately I was on her side... she is a coffee lover - come on how could you not love her ;)
"Coffee. The little things always help to remind you the universe isn't always out to get you."

Of course me being from Kansas - I have to look for the characters from the beginning right away. It took me some time to figure out who was who, but by the middle/three-fouths through I figured it out :D I really really liked this retelling of the story.

I'd recommend to anyone who likes teenage drama and PNR/UF mixed - and really who doesn't ;)

enjoy ~ @jendsmit