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Source: Review copy was given to random jendsmit by the author in exchange for an honest review.

In a nut shell: good story, pace was a little slow, connected more with Luke than anyone else… Selene was ok though

My Rating: 3.5/5

I really liked this story idea. Guardian Angel falls in love with a Vampire… good loves bad… forbidden love… yep it is all of that – everything we love, right?! I’ve read a lot of stories about love that is forbidden and the aftermath of those actions – this one follows the same arc but the initial love is something I have not seen before. I really like it! I did enjoy the story but I didn’t really feel connected to Selene the MC. I really didn’t like Cole much at all… which is odd right? I usually totally love the BF of the MC, but this time I actually connected and felt invested in Luke. I usually flip flop back and forth between the BFs, but this time I didn’t – I was Team Luke from page 1, or whenever he enters, but you know what I mean, don’t sass me! LOL!

I would love to read more about what happens to Luke & Selene… and Cole if I have to. I would love to see what comes next for them all.

I love that the normal end isn’t the end… and I can’t say more because that would be spoilery and that’s just mean... and while I’m bitchy some days and snarky every day, mean I am not. Spoilers have their place but you should go looking for them specifically right? I hate to be the one who spoils anything for my fellow book lovers like all you awesome people! Ok, climbing off the soap box now…

Bottom line – I think you might like this book – check it out (links are below for you)!

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