Wrong Bed, Right Guy (Come Undone, #1) - Katee Robert entire review post on random jendsmit

In a nut shell:
WOW | Laugh Out Loud Funny | Sexy | Emotional | Great Characters

My Rating:
5 stars

WOW - like seriously WOW! This book had me laughing out loud, giggling like a little goober, and so pissed I wanted to throw my kindle **don't panic - I didn't actually throw it** Well… you all know how I love to use the reading updates on GR – this book was no exception – and take a look… they are pretty damn funny if I do say so myself ;)

So I obviously really liked this book. ... ... ... I think Gabe might be perfect… he is definitely the PERFECT Bad Boy! ... ... ... Elle was awesome! I loved the banter between Elle and Gabe. ... ... ... I had to put a picture of the person I think Gabe looks like… so here you go!