Slammed (Slammed, #1) - Colleen Hoover In a nut shell: WOW | Couldn’t Put It Down | Emotional | Complicated | Loved this Story

My Rating: 5 stars

Source: Net Galley

I freaking LOVE this book!! I am buying it in paperback and the rest of the series too!! I have ordered Point of Retreat (Book #2) already & will be skipping all other books to read it as soon as it arrives!

This book is so real, so emotional, so GOOD! I can’t believe this is a debut … it’s seriously THAT GOOD – it is something that I would expect from a seasoned author who has been around for years. The writing is well developed and flows so well. The story has a great pace and totally sucked me in and threw me around … this book ripped my heart apart over and over again! I was up and down up and down with Lakyen the ENTIRE time!

I was bawling by the end of this book… I teared up several times, but the tears could not be stopped when I reached the Epilogue. I can’t say any more but I will totally be taking away the words to live by in this book!

I think everyone will learn so much from this book – seriously! I think this is a great book for teens (high school & college) to read but I am totally recommending this book to anyone and everyone who is looking for an amazing book with a message and a lesson to be learned.

We all know I love books that are Fluff… this is SO NOT FLUFF but I LOVED IT! It is very different from the books I normally pick up, but there was just something about this book that made me read it… and I am so freaking glad that I did!!

I am going to be making a video – like a book trailer thing – for this book so be sure to check back for that =D I will be posting my review of Book #2 soon as well – I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Oh and if you are saying… damn I thought this book sounded good but I don’t read series books – well you are in LUCK – this book (Slammed) is so good you really don’t even have to read the next books… I think you will love this book and it’s ending – I think you can totally read it as a stand alone, if you want… BUT I can’t not know what happens next – I’m kind of obsessive like that – so I’ll let you know what is in store in books 2 and 3 as soon as I get them =)