Taste - Kate Evangelista Source:
Review copy given by the author via ARR Program on goodreads.com in exchange for an honest review

In a nut shell:
W-O-W | Loved It | Surprising | Enthralling

My Rating:
4.5 stars

My Review:
First of all... how pretty is this cover!? I really love it - A LOT! OK enough cover love from me...
On to reviewing this book! Like I said earlier this was a first for me - I can't really tell you why because it is kind of spoilery and one of the reasons I enjoyed this book so so much. But I will tell you it totally surprised me and I totally loved it. Now these characters were kind of blah for me right at the beginning... I can't lie to you - but the further I got into the story the more I loved them. I love Phoenix for her smartass mouth and stubbornness. I love Demitri because well... he is true, compassionate, driven, loyal, etc etc etc... I did end up loving Luka - I didn't trust him and well you'll find out why I didn't but reading the story it totally makes sense in the end and I was turned Team Luka for a little insy-winsy time - just saying! Prepare yourself for some ups and downs and gut checks and running headlong into a few walls... I rode this book the whole way in the very front rollercoaster car - GREAT RIDE!

Let's see.... what else can I say without spoiling anything?!

Oh - I needed a sound track, but I could totally see this in my head as movie - LOVE IT!

I was a little leary over this since it is a stand alone... you know I love series books :) It's really a problem I know it is... but WOW - if you only read one or two stand alones this year, or ever..., READ THIS ONE! It was good!

I'm totally stalking Kate now - loved her writing style! The pace and everything was really good!!