No Flowers Required - Cari Quinn ADULT BOOK

My random thoughts and whatnot on this book...

brace yourselves... you know how I get when I'm excited about something!

so yeah... that cover is SOOOOO AMAZING! I love it - if you are observant and look closely, you'll notice they are both soaking wet - yeah... doesn't make sense until you read the book - - - once you read it is will make the cover completely AMAZING for you - I swear! I obviously loved this book - but really - I think you will also! I know it is a second in a series - but you can TOTALLY read this as a stand-alone. Book 1 - No Dress Required - can also be read as a stand-alone. The characters carry over so it's nice to have background there, but not necessary.

Ummmmm let me think here... sorry - I'm a still little flustered -

I loved Alexa - she is great - smart, sharp, witty, strong, stubborn, sexy, bitchy (only sometimes), emotional, etc etc etc - I loved her. I want to be her friend... she is so strong and yet so vulnerable all at the same time. She has all these walls in place to keep people out... and then her world turns upside down, again. She already made so many sacrifices to keep Divine running and now... she is about to just shatter and here comes Dillon. I loved watching her walls slowly crack to him - really without her even realizing it... LOVED IT. I love the back and forth and the notes in the bathroom (I know that sounds really weird, but you have to read the book... I'm not explaining). Geeez, the notes are so cute and fit so perfectly with them and the story. Let's move on to the beef cake man candy of the story...

YUMMY - let me tell you a little about Dillon James... He works construction - rehabbing old houses for charity and making repairs to rentals... let me just say - I would be so stoked to have him as my landlord. So knowing that you know he is BUILT - hard as a rock with useful muscles and skills.... he has hard calloused hands, stacked arms, and a sculpted back. **sigh** In addition - he is tattoo'd and pierced **swoon** He has several tattoos that you will be introduced to in the story and he has a pierced brow....... uh huh **nodding my head in an 'I told you so' manner**

In addition to all that - he really is a nice guy wrapped in the bad boy we all love... rides a Harley but does charity work - COME ON!

he is smart, sweet, caring, strong, driven... etc etc etc ... need I go on?