Wife for Hire - Christine  Bell Source:
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In a nut shell:
Fun | Teasing | Steamy | Easy Read

My Rating:
4 stars

I really enjoyed reading Wife for Hire. I read it in one day… it is so easy to read and it flowed really well. I loved Owen and Lindy together – I loved their back & forth with each other. I felt that Christine Bell’s writing was well done and the pace was really nice. I didn't really feel connected to Owen particularly, but it didn't really bother me like it normally does. I really liked his character and well he is tall, dark and handsome - not to mention IRISH! In my book... he can do no wrong, except what he does to Lindy... but it's ok - he saves it... I really enjoyed this book - it was nice, the perfect length, and it has a bit of everything - romance, mystery, revenge, action, love... ALL OF IT =)

I think romance fans will really enjoy this book - so I recommend it to you!