Ashes and Wine - Taryn Elliott Source:
Review copy given by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

In a nut shell:
Emotional | Not What I Expected | Great Characters

My Rating:
4 stars

I was not expecting what I got out of this book. The characters are fantastic and the story is just WOW! I read this book in basically an afternoon/evening… I was invested in these characters – all of them. I really liked the value of family in this book and interaction of all the family members throughout the book. My favorite has to be Blake and Tessa – OMG I was laughing out loud several times! I loved them together!
I was right there with Tessa the WHOLE TIME – confused, pissed, loving him, then hating him… I was completely engrossed with her. I love the description of her hair. Now I’ll admit – I apparently have a thing for red haired heroines lately – but Tessa was GREAT regardless of that fact! She is independent and smart and responsible. She’s such a hard worker and thinks so much, at times I just wanted her to shut it off and enjoy life, but without the inner monologue it really wouldn’t have been Tessa… so it really worked.
I loved that Royal was artsy and practical… emotional and so closed off. He frustrated the hell out of me, but when he let loose – WOW – he was amazing.
The flow of this book was really nice and I didn’t ever get lost. I really liked the pace and the writing style. Everything really seemed to work well together and it all worked awesome for me.

I recommend this book to Adult Contemporary Romance Lovers. =) Go forth and enjoy my fellow readers!