Contract for Marriage - Barbara DeLeo So... first off - the cover - LOVE IT! After you read the story you will love it so much more! =)

Moving on... these characters - they have a really nice depth to them. I really liked the conflict shown between Ruby and Christo. I loved that they had a past that neither really wanted to face or talk about or even face within themselves. I thought how they were brought together again after a decade was sad but really good. It was all very believable and made the rest of the story really work well. The pace was ok - There was a lot of information about what happened in the past, which was necessary, but you know me... I'm special and want to know all that stuff but I really want all of it happen right away.

When these two get together - albeit really odd circumstances but - it was amazing! They are so perfect for each other and once they come back together physically you can totally see it.

I loved Ruby's pigheadedness regarding her baby and the same quality shown in Christo was nice but OMG I wanted to hit him at the doctor's office. SERIOUSLY - just wanted to hit him. I obviously totally loved and sympathized with Ruby... up until the very end! I really related to her.

Anyway... that's about all I really have to say - but I really enjoyed this book and I really enjoyed the characters in it!

So go out and buy your copy right now!!