Neophyte - Emmalee Aple First off – let me say that I received this book via Goodreads program Read2Review. I enjoyed this book and rated it 4 Stars.

My thoughts:
I am very excited about Rogue and will be watching for it to come out from Emmalee Aple! Now, on to the review :)

I enjoyed this character – especially the boys – I mean really, who among us doesn’t love a good looking man with a personality?! I loved Hunter and his personality! Addi was great – I loved feeling as confused and conflicted as she was throughout the book. Grey… oh Grey… what can I say? I love a conflicted male character – the fact that Addi is surrounded by all these boys and the issues that arise from that situation just crack me up!

This book had a lot of what I love about reading – the characters seem like real people, the scenes were painted in a way that I could see and hear what was going on at the Beach House, the emotions were believable and I understood what was going on inside Addi’s head. I really enjoyed this book and loved the characters – I have to admit, I even cried during the book… and that right there is enough to describe the emotional connection I felt with this book and the characters.

Like I said above, I am really looking forward to Rogue and what will happen next for Addi and her Link.