Devoured (Devoured, #1) - Emily Snow Source:
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In a nut shell:
Musician | 2nd Chance Romance | Tattooed Alpha Male | Defiant Female Lead | Steamy

My Rating:
5 stars


Ok I admit – I bought this book based on loving the cover and being intrigued by the description. I had not heard anything about this book or this author.

Don’t judge me… it’s a romance about a musician and the dude on the cover has a sleeve! You can’t blame me… SERIOUSLY – you know my weakness for tats!

Anyway – let me just say – I am so happy that I bought this book! I absolutely LOVED this book!! I love books about musicians and… well Luke is amazing! The way Emily describes him just made me fall in love with him and once the layers were pulled back and shown – let me just say SWOON!

Seriously people!

I love how Sienna is with Luke – but just like Luke, I couldn't understand the flip she did with other people. The back and forth between Luke and Si is fantastic! I love the story of the two of them. And the courtroom scene describing the “Asshat” was fantastic!

I loved learning about Luke and Si’s past and why he remembers her… I love seeing the transformation and learning that goes on inside Sienna’s head and why she does what she does.

I … well… I just really loved this book. I will definitely be looking forward to Consumed, Book #2 in the Devoured Series! The description of Consumed is listed to be revealed in November – one short month away! YAY!!

Please read this book - I really liked it :)