Secret Maneuvers - Jessie Lane Eeep! I loved this book!!

So good!

**I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review as part of the blog tour**

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My Review:

So... like I said, I loved this book and I really think you will too!  These characters are awesome and the story line seriously blew me away.  

I connected with these characters from the beginning and was totally in love with Belle & Bobby (better known as Ace).  Their past completely shaped their present and I couldn't have asked for better twists and Holy Shit moments throughout this story!  Seriously - I was taken away to their world through the entire book, heartbroken a few times by each of them, and completely in love with the story from the first paragraph.  I love all the different people in this book - the Ex Ops team especially - I love their interaction with Bobby.  They are his family and who he goes to ... well at least who he listens to for advice, even though most of it is unsolicited.  Each person in this book is complicated and tough and smart.  You are shown this story from both sides, Belle and Bobby, and I absolutely LOVED this aspect of the book.  

The writing in this book has only improved from the previous works I've read from this author.  The flow was really really good and the pace was great.  I have been finding myself bored with some of my reads and that they are lagging and stalling out for me - that was SO NOT the case with Secret Maneuvers!  I couldn't put it down and didn't even take time to post updates on GR like I normally do.  Yep... I was so into this book that I didn't even update on GR or any type of social media - shocking right!?  Based on that alone, you know you need to read this book!  Plus it's a series and look at that cover - it's HOT.  

Need I go on... didn't think so.

I am soooooooooooo looking forward to the next books in this series!  I can't wait to see the other stories that are coming!!   

I have loved this author since I first read their YA novel The Burning Star (that review is right here) and each book I've read from Jessie Lane since has just gotten better.  So please check out this author!!

Now... I am going to leave you with my impressions through this story via gif!  You know how much I just love them so...