Tattoo Thief - Heidi Joy Tretheway oooooooooooooooooooook! As you know I love a story about a rock star and a bad boy and a troubled girl... well this book's complexity and great story line is really good. I was caught off guard by the intensity of emotion that was shown throughout this book. The characters are well written and truly genuine. I felt concerned about Beryl from the very start of her move. I was connected with her story from the beginning. I mean I think everyone will connect with her - everyone feels stuck - which is what makes her so real I think. I loved the undercurrents through this book... the drama and confusion, well I loved it! I loved how Beryl and Gavin connected via words - emails and chats. I was great! I also loved learning about Gavin along with B. I was really fun seeing her through his eyes and when he came back to NYC - It was great. I loved the story line and arc. It was fun and dramatic and just wow.

I think everyone will really like this story. I can't wait to read book 2 about Stella and Tyler.

anyway - pick up your copy of B and Gavin's story.