Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James WARNING - ADULT BOOK / ADULT CONTENT

Holy shit I loved this book! I ran out immediately after and bought Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed! I can't wait to start those :D

Review to come... once I calm down and can think clearly!
ok I've finished all 3 in the series now, so I can actually write my review without being completely distracted and incoherent!

Obviously I loved this book... I thought the characters were amazing, real, and complex. This story sucked me in from the beginning and didn't let go - I'm still thinking about it now and I finished this book 3 days ago.

I have not read a book that grabbed me as swiftly and had such a hold on me mind as this book. I love love love Ana! She is amazing! I also really enjoyed Christian, but Ana is what made this book for me! Her personality, her dialog, her back and forth, her innocence, her wittiness - I really loved Ana throughout this story.

I felt as thought I had an investment in the on-goings of Ana's life and I really really wanted her to make it work with Christian.

ummm... as far as the rest of the aspects to this book - holy shit - this book is HOT and I LOVED IT! It was hot, emotional, tense, fun - whatever it was supposed to be in the moment!

E.L. James has written an amazing book and this is a fantastic start to this great story!