Angel Evolution - David Estes ok first things first - I recieved this book through The Nexus's Author's Requesting Reviewers program here on GR. I enjoyed this book and have now purchased books 2 and 3 so I can finish the series.

With that said - I enjoyed this book-3.5 stars- but since GR doesn't have 1/2 stars I am rounding up to a 4. I thought the story line was good. I like the back and forth that occurs for Taylor internally over how she geels and acts with Gabriel. I love that this story has a take on Angels and Demons that I have not run across previously. I love Chris and Sam. Now that I'm writing this review - I have realized I really love the characters in this series. They are just like normal college kids - they remind me of friends from my college days personality-wise. I love the song quotes through out the book - it helps give you a sense of mood and soundtrack for the book as you go along, and as a music lover, as I'm sure most people are, I appreciate and know the songs the quotes are taken from.

I really like the ending to this book - without giving too much away - I loved the cliffhanger-ish ending and yet I was ok with it. I might have been ok with it because I knew I could start the next book right away, but I think I liked how it ended this part of the story.

In any event, now I am on to  and then to .

These books have a little romance in them, but that portion of the story isn't the total story - there is plenty of action and events to keep you into the story if you are not a huge romance fan.

I'd recommend this book (and series) to anyone who likes YA PNR - nothing in this story that would cause limits to ages - it is clean, sweet, and PG rated.

So - enjoy as I have :)