Blind Sight Through the Eyes of Leocardo Reyes (Blind Sight, #1 Leocardo) - Ermisenda Alvarez I got to read this book through R2R Program here on GR.

This book was just ok for me. I understood the story and by the end I was understanding the characters and how they intertwined with the others within the book.

I don't know why I didn't really enjoy this book, it is right up my alley, so to speak, but I just never really got into this book. I was really into the story in the beginning and then it didn't really move fast enough for me, I think.

Everyone else really liked this book, so I am the odd man out on this one, which is ok - but I wish I could put into words why I wasn't just INTO this book... but I can't so I'm not much help there.

The writing itself was ok and was easy to follow. I am going to try reading the POV of Ana and see if that is the same result for me.

I liked Leo - he was complex and conflicted. I understood what he was feeling and what he was going through.

I know I'm rambling on and on, but I am truely stumped as to why I didn't really like this book - so I'm going to shut my mouth now and try not to dwell on it anymore.

I think PNR lovers should pick up this book just to try it out - like I said before, most everyone else liked this book and the story itself is good.

so that's it for now from me...