The Boss and Her Billionaire - Michele de Winton In a nut shell:
liked it | great chemistry | easy read | good characters | a little bit of emotion | a little bit of drama

My Rating:
3.5 stars

I enjoyed this book. It was a nicely written quick tropical escape. The characters are really well written, their stories are fleshed out nicely and they are fantastic together. I love the backgroundish stuff you learn about each character. I like seeing them separate and I loved the different POVs used throughout the book.

I read this book in two evenings – so maybe 6 hours total… I loved the drama going on with Dylan! Really who am I kidding – I loved Dylan. Plain simple period… loved him! I loved so much about him, but I loved everything about Michaela! She is just the best – strong, straight shooting, doesn’t take shit, scared, emotional, observant, oblivious, funny, witty, FANTASTIC! I just really enjoyed her.

So really… I like the characters and the story told by Michele. It was really fun to read about people outside of the USA. I loved that this story is focused around different ports of call for this cruise!

Um Vanuatu … yeah that’s now a place that is on my bucket list! That is my FAVORITE part of the book!! I love the confidence Michaela has and Dylan… holy hot damn!!!!!!!!! This whole part is steamy and perfect and **shivers** woooooooooooo it’s hot and sexy!