A Vengeful Affair - Carmen Falcone In a nut shell:
Eventful | Emotional | Sexy

My Rating:
3.5 stars

I enjoyed this story. I was down for the count and had to know what happened by page 10. This was a first for me… I have not read many contemporary romantic mystery who-done-its. The ones I’ve read I haven’t enjoyed… so there you go… In my opinion, b/c of course I’m awesomely important and you should listen to me… lol! Carmen’s book is really well done. The characters are complex and meaningful. The story moves along and doesn’t dilly-dally along. Everything written contributed to the story. There is steam and tension all over Vivian and Javier, but damn it’s so good =) Immediately you can feel it… even in the closet – yes I said closet… you will know when you read the book – even there you can feel it almost instantly! I loved the evolution of this relationship and their feelings for one another! I wanted to throw my kindle for a while, but I’m kind of prone to periods of stupidity, so everyone, even fictional characters, are allowed to them as well…

I can’t really go into too many details in my review because the parts and lines I loved are pretty spoilery, so I’ll keep them to myself!

And a few comments on the cover, since I do love book covers and tend to judge them
**don’t judge me – everyone does it, they just don’t tell you about it**

1. I really do like it, but it doesn’t match the picture in my head… I can’t find anything that does, so I can’t even show you =(
2. I love the tension you can see and feel through this cover.
3. I love love love the look on the woman’s face! To me this is so saying WTF – He is touching me and I’m pissed but don’t want to push him away!
4. The guy on here… really good looking and the look in his eyes and face – W-O-W! Javier to a fricking T! Completely in control and has what he wants in his reach or in hand …

Go get your copy of A Vengeful Affair! You’ll like it =)

Until Next Time,

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