Playing at Love - Ophelia London So..... I really really liked this book! I am usually a little iffy about the Bliss books, but I always like them... I don't know why but I must get amnesia every time I pick a new one up. I am always iffy because I know they don't have the "steamy sexy stuff" in them. Don't get me wrong - they are AWESOME and always full of steaminess just not the normal stuff I'm used to really loving from Entangled. Ok... now that I've kind of confused everyone with my ramblings - but - I will say this - this book DOES NOT NEED the extra explicit stuff that I classify as Adult, if you know what I mean. **wink, wink**
I completely LOVED this book. The story was so good - characters are amazing - setting is perfect. I think I loved this because of the history between Tess and Jack. I loved the story there - I always love a second chance romance! Don't hate me... but it reminds me of an adult version of Glee, kind of... It isn't centered around the glee club (show choir) completely - it's about their teacher, but you meet a few kids. And they totally add tot he story. My favorite parts of the story were in the pool and at Tess's apartment LOVED IT!
I don't have a song for you for this book... I know - unusual right?! Since this had so much music in it anyway, I couldn't really hear anything specific the whole way through.
Anyway... final words - check out this book, I think you'll like it. It is a perfect classic contemporary romance story. <3<br/>