Half-Blood - Jennifer L. Armentrout Holy Shit I love Aiden!

I love him... that is all! If you have read Half-Blood you have to read this POV scene! It is AMAZING and will make you love him even more!

Merged review:

AH-MAZ-ING! I absolutely love this series!!

Alex - wow - great character! Aiden - sigh and swoon - <3 - so strong and caring... Alex and Aiden <i>together... HOLY HOT SHIT!

I love Alex's attitude. How she uses her actions to speak in situations and how her bravery comes out and shows itself ... along with her stupidity ... you know just like everyone else in the world - we all have our moments ;)

The world JLA created in this book is one of my favorites - anything can and does happen here. The rules Aiden and Alex have to abide by SUCK, but that's how it is... The story of this book is a roller coaster you will not want to get off of ever!

This is my favorite series and JLA is a truly spectacular writer!

So... would I recommend this book - HELL YES :D