Construction Beauty Queen - Sara Daniel 3.5 stars - nice story - sweet characters - easy read

This book is really sweet and really easy to read. The story is nice - it's set at a nice pace, and overall it was really nice. I didn't particularly connect with the characters, but I still enjoyed the book. There isn't a lot of action/drama or twists in the book, but it moves along nicely and I still had to know what happened to the characters. Anyone could read this book and not be offended - in my opinion. There are not really adult moments - however - it is classified as an adult book due to a few situations that arise between Matt & Veronica.
Veronica - was an ok lead female. She wasn't whiny or anything like that but she got on my nerves a little because she is inside her head so much... she never did anything that she thought - never said it either - which just bugged the hell out of me...
Matt - was ok as well. He was a lot like Veronica in the fact that he seemed to always be in his own head... I loved his story with his family and his niece.
Neither character wanted to take a chance on the other... that drove me bonkers!

Aside from that aspect, I enjoyed this book. Like I said above - it is a nice story with nice characters. The pace was good - I was never questioning what was going on. I did really like how everything in the story revolved around the two main characters but still included the entire town, Jenny, and Veronica's previous contacts. I would have like to see more of what happened after the Grand Opening - like maybe an Epilogue or something.
But, I did really think this book was well done.