Yours at Midnight - Robin Bielman posted on random & PBD

Book Info:
Title: Yours at Midnight
Author: Robin Bielman
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 161 pages
Release Date: December 2012
ISBN: 978-1-62266-862-5
Imprint: Ever After

Review copy given by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

In a nut shell:
Complex | Great Characters | Lies | History | Loved It

My Rating:
4.5 stars

I devoured this book in a matter of hours! I am such a dork, but at least I admit it – I read this book on New Year’s Eve… It was a really good read and I honestly felt for the characters. Robin Bielman is a fantastic write – LOVE HER – she is able to take a few delicate subjects and weave them into a wonderful story that I really do think everyone will love.
Not going to lie – these characters while I love them, got on my nerves… but that’s what made them seem like real people – seriously – like people I could know and be friends with.
I loved how this book was written split between both Lyric and Quinn – I loved how different and yet how similar they really are. I loved the tension between them & the always present chemistry. It was like a living thing between them – so think and awesome – LOVED IT! My favorite part of this story is watching them both learn something – each character has to face something that needs to be addressed… not comfortable, but it has to be done. The pace of this book was nice – not too fast & not too slow. The flow and the writing of this book, as I said before I loved, I was into this story by the second page and didn’t stop reading until the end. And even then I would have loved to see what happened next.

Happy New Year ;)