Stray - Rachel Vincent 1st read: 10/10/2012-10/11/2012
So.... I'm giving this 4 stars because I was up until 3AM finishing it - Faythe ANNOYED the piss out of me the entire book until she figured out how to not be such a bitch and became a little less selfish - I will completely be continuing this series - I LOVE MARC & JACE! They are fantastic =) I'm interested to see where everything goes in the next books. I'm off to Amazon to order so books

2nd read: audio version - started 3/26/13-3/27/13
Faythe is still pissing me off, but I kind of see her POV as to why she is pissed and being such a bitch... I'm about 25% into the audio, I think and I still really love Marc <3<br/>review this time - book is rated 3 stars...

so average rating of 3.5 stars