The Guys Are Props Club - Ingrid Seymour I was totally iffy about reading this book after I read the blurb, but once I started I was in!! Down for the count... blah blah blah leave me alone so I can read! You all know exactly what I mean!

Now... about this book, I really did enjoy it! The characters are well developed and well written. I was totally inside this story - about halfway through and I was still not sure about Sebastian's actual feelings or how to read him. Seriously, it was like I was in Maddie's place, right beside her, trying to figure it out with her. I seriously wasn't sure if he was legit or just a player like we thought. Ummmm Jessica... holy shit Jessica! I hate Jessica! Totally, seriously hate her, and I have not hated a book character possibly ever... so I was enthralled with this author's ability to write a character that got this kind of reaction out of me as a reader! It was great!! The writing is good, and the flow of the story is awesome. I really enjoyed the editing - I guess you'd call it - I mean I liked how the stupid shit is left out... Does that make sense? Some books give you a freaking play by play and it just drags on and on and on without going anywhere... This one doesn't do that and it doesn't feel like I'm missing anything.

Now... the sexy boy in this story Sebastian. He is soooooooo hot; and it comes through the pages on FIRE (sang like Fall Out Boy's song).
**side note - am I the only one who can no longer say or think the word fire without singing it like FOB does?! Kind of like Jason Derulo <-- you all know exactly what I'm talking about)<br/>
I loved Hunter - so sweet and innocent. He provided an awesome side in the story for me.

to sum up my thoughts, here is an update from 2/3s into the story:
62% update: ahhhhhhh the suspense is killing me... I know shit is going to hit the fan - it always freaking does with someone like Jessica around - I'm going to lose a finger if I keep biting my nails!

I was like that the entire time reading - like I said it sucked me in and didn't let me go until the end.

Be sure to check this one out!!

**review copy received from author in exchange for an honest review**