Unspoken - Jen Frederick God I just love this series! I absolutely loved Undeclared and didn't think Unspoken could top it, but OH MY GOSH, it is sooooooooo good! As you can see I got a review copy for this tour stop, but I had to go out and get my very own copy as soon as it was released - I loved it sooooooooo much! I will be picking up a paperback as well - so should you!
I love how this real difficult topic is handled and how easily the story reads. You will fall in love with these characters just as I have, I promise.
Just like with Undeclared, the writing in this book is great. Everything flows flawlessly and the style seems effortless. I loved everything about this book. I really like how you get to meet more of The Woodlands Guys... you really get to peak inside their world a little in this installment and see how they all work together and a little bitty bit of some story out of them. I can't wait to see more about each of them.
Now more about this installment - LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I loved this story from the beginning - no kidding! I was sucked in on page one and wasn't available to anyone while I was reading... seriously, my family didn't like this book because I was oblivious to the real world - SUCKED ME RIGHT IN! I read this book in two settings, only because I had to come to work... yep otherwise I would have been dead to the world while I finished reading.
Characters - they are great, both of them. I love how you have both male and female characters in this book and they are both awesome. Usually you have one really strong and the other not so much, but not in this book! AnnMarie, "AM", is amazing. She's skittish and brave at the same time, emotional inside but a stone cold exterior like nothing bothers her. I think so many girls/women will identify with AM. She is plagued by the aftermath of a decision she made and rumors that resulted from it. I love that this is the story of AnnMarie and her learning to live again. Bo is just like AnnMarie in many ways. They both pretend, they both learn a lot through this journey. I love them together! I absolutely LOVE that they are friends before anything develops for them. And just that - their relationship DEVELOPS! It is awesome to watch happen. I love how much Bo is seeing about AM without her even knowing it, of course she does the same after a while too.
I just love this unexpected pair and their journey through the book.

LOVE IT - Go get it and check them out!

side note - yes this is the second installment, but you don't have to read Undeclared to get Unspoken. You should read them both, but you can read them out of order and be ok.