Stripped - Brooklyn Skye copy received from author as part of blog tour

4.5-5 stars

I'm waffling-its true....

good characters great story really emotional
i was invested in it
I'm iffy on the ending... that's my sticking point

So I'm going with 4.5 stars only because I'm being stingy this evening... I really enjoyed reading this book and I was totally invested in the characters and the story. The ending sealed the deal for me - I almost wish it was a cliff rather than a real ending, but then I would just be complaining about that - damn me... there's no pleasing me ;) Seriously though, the end was nicely done - I'd love to see what comes next for them but it isn't like I'm feeling like "OMG - I'm going to die if I don't" because the end was nicely done.

I really liked the writing and the author's style in this book. I will most definitely be reading more from her as I find it.

I of course love the New Adult genre and this fits lovely into my new obsession :D I would recommend this to readers who like books with drama and romance and twists - of course you need to be a little older to read this - I'm not your mother, but this is a mature content book - so please pay attention and heed the warning.

<3 jen